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Reports out of 안전한 bet365가상축구 Tennessee indicate that Chris Brown has officially surpassed LenDale White for the starting RB position. White, according to head coach Jeff Fisher, harmed his prospects by skipping practice again due to injury, which allowed Brown to step in.

Brown was a solid pick for the first ten games of 2004’s virtual soccer season, but he has been injured ever since. If he does end up getting the job, he’d be a fantastic third-down back to have in the event of a trade. In that case, you should deal with Brown to the first buyer who comes along.

The Atlanta Falcons have reached out to the Oakland Raiders to inquire about the quarterback availability of Josh Mcknight and Andrew Walter. The Falcons appear to have doubts that Joey Harrington’s strong preseason performance will carry over to the regular season.

The Chiefs’ recently signed running 공식 bet365 가상축구 back Larry Johnson expressed doubt that he would be ready for a full workload in Week 1 due to his extended absence from training camp. “If there’s one thing I know about myself it’s that I’m never the first to kick off the season.” In that event, the recently acquired Kolby Smith and the veteran backup Michael Bennett might start getting more playing time in place of Johnson.

Johnson may only receive 15 carries in Week 1, but those carries may be worth more than 25 carries to someone else, making this a risky pick. A competent third back should be used whenever possible. If that doesn’t work, try Johnson in there and see what he can do.

The rumor mill in New England has it that Sammy Morris could end up becoming the goal-line back that Laurence Maroney’s owners fear the most. Coach Bill Belichick has expressed concern about the potential severity of hits on Maroney’s surgically repaired shoulder in the red zone. Owners of Maroney who were looking for a breakout year would be crushed if this proposal were to go on. With this, Maroney would immediately fall to the position of backup running back. Keep an eye on the situation and prepare a bucket just in case.

Devery Henderson bet365가상축구 사이트추천 has re-injured himself and may miss the season opener.

Both Marques Colston and Terrence Copper are available to play in Week 1 despite the former’s hamstring injury. Henderson has a lot of potential as a virtual soccer player, but he keeps getting hurt, which stunts his development and ultimately ends his career. Don’t cut him now if you own him, but if this continues for another year, you might want to consider selling him.

A.J. Green, Running Back, Jets Thomas Jones has been resting his pulled calf by riding the stationary cycle instead of attending practices. While head Coach Eric Mangini maintains optimism that Jones will be ready for Week 1’s game against the Patriots, the longer Jones is sidelined, the less probable it becomes that he will play. Since Jones’s condition appears to be improving, he should be able to participate, but backup plans should be in place just in case.

Green Bay’s runner-back Vernand Morency is reportedly recovering quickly from a ruptured patellar tendon in his bet365가상축구 검증 leg and could return for Week 1. It was originally expected that Morency would miss at least Week 2 of the season, but it now appears that he will be back at practice in a matter of days. The owners of Brandon Jackson, who hoped he would be given the starting job in Week 1 to prove he was capable and give the Pack front office no excuse to yank it away from him, will be disappointed by this development.

The coaches have made it clear that they prefer Morency to Jackson because of the latter’s poor blitz recognition. This appears to be the dreaded time sharing that will severely hamper both players’ ability to engage in competitive virtual soccer.