methods for 만화사이트 making your cartoon


Can you recall ever 만화사이트 마나모두 wanting to create your cartoon character design? My job as a textile designer often requires me to come up with ideas on the fly, regardless of where my mind happens to be at the time.

At the outset, we must define the animation. No, I’m not talking about caricatures, despite the name similarity. As I use the phrase, “cartoon,” I am thinking more of a large-scale paper design (usually 18″ x 24″).

A wide variety of methods exist for igniting the creative process. Always start with a clean slate. Now, instead of premeditating my next drawing, I just pick up a pencil or pen and place it anywhere on the paper.

Creating a central rectangle on the page is one approach. Now you can freely fill up the spaces you’ve drawn or stick to predetermined patterns of lines, curves, groups of lines, shapes, and repetitions of shapes.

Different-sized circles, a simple leaf design, or triangles can all be used to fill in the central region. Changing the size of the shapes allows for a wide range of repeating patterns. You can also fill the margins of your paper with simple elements or just draw curved or straight lines.

I don’t worry about where 만화사이트 추천 things will go or how they’ll look at this point; instead, I focus on just getting the drawing done.

Fill in the spaces between the drawn shapes and lines with colored pencils or crayons. Start with just three colors, preferably ones you already like. Next, work in shades of these colors that are lighter and darker, softer and brighter. What can happen with this method would surprise you?

While the majority of your output is abstract, feel free to incorporate realistic elements such as flowers and leaves into your drawings. No more than stick figures and primary colors need to apply.

Putting into practice the aforementioned methods will make coming up with original designs second nature. You should just let things happen on the website because it’s there to help you. If you’re a true purple fanatic, don’t even bother with any other colors but purple, black, and a few hues of grey.

Once you’ve mastered the design process, it’s time to think about how everything fits together. Is it possible for them to be more or less compact? How about moving them across the page for more drama? Is it possible to add a splash of lime-yellow to make the other colors pop?

Another option is to take a previously completed abstract drawing and rebuild it using strips of paper or other shapes. Think about the effects in totality. Do the shapes need to be highlighted? Would you like the colors to be brighter? Do you feel that there is movement 만화사이트 – and life in your design? Why are you drawing this?

The process should be repeated as frequently as feasible. Every day, before my hectic schedule begins, I try to carve out some time to sit down and draw a little. Try to set aside some time when you won’t be interrupted and can let your imagination run wild. I think a lot of experience is necessary to develop creativity (in any medium). You’ll find your creative voice and path in time.

Rare Bounce 만화사이트 주소 House Theme Ideas Based on Old-School Cartoons

Inflatable toys for kids often feature characters from well-known cartoons as their faces. As a result, the market for inflatables is now completely reliant on the success of current CGI blockbusters.

On the other hand, the music from some classic cartoons can be played in a bouncy castle forever. Even though they were shot on celluloid decades ago, these movies never stop being a hit. Furthermore, these blockbuster movies are unparalleled when it comes to huge, wind-blown castles for kids. Look into the motivational gaps that exist in these wheels.

Two men 일본 만화사이트 named Bob and Jerry

One of the earliest shows to gain popularity was Tom and Jerry, an animated version of the classic cat-and-mouse rivalry. The image of the nefarious mouse and the vindictive tabby cat makes us laugh from ear to ear.


Aliens had been introduced to humanity in a roundabout way by extraterrestrial beings. As animated characters, these anthropomorphic cats have captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. Thundercats is great for both boys and girls because of the thrilling sense of adventure it inspires.

The Mystery Inc. gang needs to know: “Where in the 최신 만화사이트 World Is Scooby-Doo?”

The antics of Scooby Doo, the clumsy Great Dane, are hilariously ludicrous. Nevertheless, many forebodings are sparked by the adventures of Scooby-Doo and his teenage pals. Kids would go crazy for a round of castle defense on a giant Scooby-Doo structure because it is equal parts funny, mysterious, and downright weird.

The Snoopy and Charlie Brown Show

Even though it was created in the ’80s, most kids today have heard of it. This Saturday morning show has endured for so long because the simple 2D animation is so beloved by infants and toddlers. Charlie Brown, a young boy with a bald head, and his snowy dog, Snoopy, go outside to color. Spread Peanut Gang photographs about the castle and prints some of their trademark humorous cartoons there. It would be fun for kids to climb the castles with their friends.

Prehistoric 무료 만화사이트 relatives Characters from “The Flintstones”

Who could dislike the adventures of the crimson tribe of caveman families and their young dinosaurs? Adults and kids alike have a soft spot in their hearts for Freddy Flintstone. Colors like crimson, green, brown, pink, and yellow add a burst of energy to the patterns. A prehistoric family and their inflated cave will be a hit with kids.

To Present: The Pink Panther

Pink Panther is a hero, a comedian, and a good person. Children are introduced to the lovely and varied personalities of the English aristocracy through the Pink Panther. Readers of this classic have variously reported feeling confused, annoyed, insulted, and amused by it. Finally, pink 모바일 만화사이트 panther designs on the kids’ favorite bounce houses will be appreciated by the audience.